MyTools2Learn gives schools continuous quality control

Using Spaced Learning, every knowledge object is mapped to a learning outcome, and with the push of a button a report showing how well each student and each classroom is meeting the goal can be produced.

Also, since spaced learning software monitors each and every knowledge object being studied, the report shows an accurate and complete picture of how well students have learned the material, and serves as a reliable metric that can be applied to compare the achievement of different classrooms, universities are even states. MyTools2Learn gives schools continuous quality control.

What are the problems of traditional methods?

School authorities cannot continuously compare classroom performance

Problem: It is only after some time and through exam results that authorities can identify the classrooms that are not progressing as they should.

Solution: MyTools2Learn tracks every student's progress, measuring effort (study time) and progress (content learning percentage). Reports are available at any time so authorities can compare classroom performance at a glance.

Little time for quality teaching

Problem: Teachers spend too much time grading homework

Solution: MyTools2Learn continuously grades students' performance and gives teachers easy-to-read reports that measure progress and effort, freeing teachers to spend quality time with their students.

Overlooking difficult concepts in large groups

Problem: Teachers cannot easily identify every concept that the class is having trouble learning, specially in large groups.

Solution: MyTools2Learn flags the particular pieces of knowledge that the class is having trouble learning so teachers can spend more time on them.

Effective proctoring is difficult

Problem: Online courses have difficulty in ensuring that the person who takes an exam is really who he/she claims to be.

Solution: With MyTools2Learn there is no concept of mid-term or final exam. Testing is done continuously, and thus, it makes it extremely hard for someone to impersonate a student all the time.